Grandma Addie

 Addie came to us with her sister Zoe. Both were pretty overweight and very excited to be in a home where they could run and play all day long. Zoe has since left us for the Rainbow Bridge but Addie is still very active and playful. She took over the reins after Misha left us. We call her Grandma because she's the oldest of the bunch and very sweet and loving and gets along with everyone. At the same time, she will happily put any other ferret right back in their place if they get an attitude.  Just don't tell her she's almost 7 years old, she doesn't seem to know.  


Liam is the reason that ferret math hit us. He came to us with his sister Misha, who had no time to play with her obnoxious brother because she had ferreting to do. So after spending hours on the floor every day playing with this sweet boy, we decided to get him some other friends. It was all downhill from there. Liam is still just as playful as ever and gives tons of kisses! 


Misha was my Navy S. E. A. L. ferret. She could get into or out of absolutely anything when she put her mind to it and could’ve given stubborn lessons to a donkey. She was always on a mission, but did occasionally take time out to play with us or the other ferrets. As she got older, she never slowed down, but was known to sneak us kisses...when she felt like it. She was absolutely in charge until she left us for the Rainbow Bridge. 



Fracas and Fray came to us because Liam needed someone besides me to play with. Fracas was the sweetest little girl who loved everyone she ever met and would puff up her tail with every little excitement in life. 



Fray was a bit of a wild child, her nickname was Cray-Cray Fray. She had an obsession with shoes and would always try to climb in them, even if they were on your feet and you were walking across the floor. These girls have both left us for the Rainbow Bridge and we miss them everyday. 


Zoe was Addie's sister. She was a very mellow and loving girl. She loved to play in water and sleep in a pile with the other ferrets. Zoe had intestinal lymphoma and while it did slow her down, it didn't affect her sunny disposition. Zoe left us for the Rainbow Bridge but she will never be forgotten. 




 Benji and Simon were adopted from our local rescue. They were about 4.5 years old and very playful, loving boys. Several months after coming to live with us, Benji had an insulinoma crash out of the blue. It was at that moment that I decided that we were going full raw immediately. Benji and Simon actually transitioned to raw the fastest and easiest. Sadly, Benji developed lymphoma as well and left us for the Rainbow Bridge only a few short months after his first and only crash.  



Simon was a spunky old man who would war dance and play almost to the end. He was a sweet boy who loved baby food treats, any kind of soupies and cuddles. Simon left us for the Rainbow Bridge after dealing with adrenal, insulinoma and then finally the lymphoma that proved to be too much. 

Awesome Possum

Possum was another addition from our local rescue. His story is one of fate and destiny. He's a blaze, so he's deaf and a little special, if you know what I mean. He absolutely adores cuddles and is known for being quite dramatic in all things. His winter time nickname is Fat Man, and each summer I'm shocked to see his knees reappear from under all the belly he proudly sports all winter. He loves kitties but has recently decided that any ferret not in his group must be destroyed. See? Dramatic. 


Duke and his sister Luna came to us as four month old kits who were not being accepted by the other ferrets in the home they were in. Duke has always had a very serious air about him. As a kit, he was huge and looked like a bear cub so his full name became Sir Duke of Bearington. He's a feisty boy that loves to play. And eat. And sleep. And cause mayhem with his sister. Due to his very serious nature, here is a very undignified picture of him sleeping. 


Luna, who's name is actually Lunatic, is my current wild child. She was Misha's minion, and Misha trained her well. As a kit, she would climb the walls, literally, and get into absolutely everything. She still loves to climb, get into everything she's not supposed to and is my miracle blockage girl. She's not a chewer, but has been known to somehow eat things that are only found outside and never come in the house, even though she doesn't go outside. She has mastered teleportation and the "You can't be mad at me because I'm cute" stare. 


Hope and her sister Willow are very special. They are true, privately bred sisters. They came from a horrible backyard breeder situation and were being sold at a reptile show. Through the hard work of a network of rescuers, they came to their forever home with us at 4-5 months of age. We were their 5th (and final) home. They were terribly abused and neglected and were savage biters. They had zero trust in people. Hope has come a very long way with us. She allows us to pick her up and hold her without biting and only bites too hard when she's really excited playing. She has even started giving kisses. Hope is deaf, which makes it even more remarkable that she's learned to trust us. 


Willow is a privately bred, very ferrety ferret. She still doesn't trust people very much and will bite. Hard. She could still be classified as a severe biter, but I love her anyway. She's a very sweet girl on the inside. Like way down deep inside. She will allow us to pick her up briefly without biting and allows us to pet her for just a moment. She loves to play, and dooks and dances all over the house. She owns all the stash toys in the house and her favorite thing is blanket rides. In truth, she has also come along way. The day I brought these girls home, they literally hunted us. Now, they love to play with us.